In 2014, I graduated with degrees in Biology and Health Science. After getting accepted into pharmacy school, I realized I couldn't go. It would cripple what I was meant to be doing. I withdrew my admission, left for Nashville, and never looked back. 

My average day consists of working part time as a music theory mentor, notating compositions in Sibelius, and playing shows in Nashville. I have dedicated everything I am to composing and will spend the rest of my life honing my melodic craft. I aspire to share this passion with artists by assisting with song arrangements. Creating a final product that captures the sound that is in the artist's mind is of utmost importance to my work. 

Such dedication to craft leaves me with decades to elevate my musical ability. These future decades are not solely for making a quick dollar and living comfortably. These decades are to break new musical ground and establish myself as an innovator in melodic/harmonic realms as well as production techniques. My chapter in music history textbooks will be as prominent as Mozart's, Ellington's, and The Beatles'.